Lake Harney Splash-in

Lake Harney Splash-in


June 16  10:30-1pm


Come out to meet up with other seaplane pilots June 16 on

Lake Harney's Northeast shoreline (see pictures below).  Greg Arnette has a house and property there and has welcomed us to pull up on the beach.


Please do NOT fly over or East of the shoreline due to

his active remote control jets he flys at his remote control airplane airport.  Please STAY WEST of shoreline or over lake. 


Frequency:  123.375 (Central Florida Seaplane Frequency)

Please RSVP.


I have been too busy flying to organize food delivery, so if you want food, bring your own, or even better, bring enough to share!!


I inspected the shoreline on June 6, and waterlevel is very low. Since then we have had a lot of rain, so I don't know what the situation will be 100%.  I will be on a handheld radio (not before 10:30) to advise pilots where not to go.


Last years pictures below:  Wow, what a success! 

Thank you Greg for having us at your place, and thank you all for coming.  Please send me photos of event at by email or dropbox or whatever method works for you.

If  you are ever flying around Lake Harney, please avoid overflying the remote control strip.  Give his place a buffer due to high speed jet model airplanes.